Storm Damage

The Middle Tennessee Area is no stranger to severe weather.

Storm damage is not always obvious, especially when looking up from the ground. Damage to roof vents, siding, windows and gutters is easy to spot by the trained eye. If you haven’t been trained to assess storm damage smudges, dents and dings sometimes go unnoticed. Shingle damage shows up as missing or loose shingles and random light or dark spots across the expanse of the roof where hail and weather has impacted and knocked loose the granules covering the shingle, exposing the asphalt layer.

Stratus Construction will assist you in understanding your insurance adjustment in a language you can understand. Our trained professionals will even meet with your adjuster and to help ensure all your damages are captured in their assessment. Insurance companies are not infallible. If there is a discrepancy with the adjustment, our team of professionals will work with the insurance adjuster to make sure your adjustment is accurate and fair.